Baby Charli is our inspiration ♥️


Accomplishments we are proud of: 

  • Birth of Company - August 2019

  • Over $15,000 raised as of October 2020 

  • 3 for 3 grants awarded

  • Over 50 individual donors

  • 3 Live SOLD OUT socially distanced Epic Community Concerts with safety measures

  • A world premiere, an appearance by a featured composer

  • We made good on our commitment to perform music composed by women and people of color

  • 10 top-tier local musicians employed

  • $4250 paid to musicians

  • $1500 spent in support of a local arts venue, “Almagre”

  • Reached over 500 people on Social Media

  • 4 high school music students ("Epic apprentices”) have been recruited and have been learning how to work in professional concert productions​

Our Goals for 2021

  • 5 more monthly Community Concerts are in the budget for 2021.

  • Our updated website will feature a digital library of every moment from Epic Community Concerts.

  • We will continue to feature new music and promote music by women and people of color.

  • Pending pandemic regulations, infrastructure is in place to bring in Petteri Iivonen, principal violinist of the Paris National Opera as first Guest Artist.

  • We are beginning talks with the fine arts center and AMP to collaborate on a project in 2021.