SAVE: Now until August 15th - Get tickets to all 3 concerts for just $99. After August 15th only individual concert tickets will be available for $40 each.


For $99 you get: 1 ticket to September 10th concert with Haley Rhodeside; 1 ticket to October 15th concert with Ariel Horowitz; 1 ticket to Novermber 5th concert with Allkhverdyan Duo. 


Set in the beautiful Almagre Venue, these concerts are intimate, informal (without sacrificing world class performance quality) and interactive. You can get a meal at the fantastic restaurant before* and there will be an open bar before and during the show. 


Music by: Debussy, Tchaikovsky, Montgomery, Brahms, Schoenfield, Negron, Price, Piazzolla, del Aguila, Eley, Bartok and more. 


*Please contact Almagre Venue directly for dinner reservations. 


$117.00 Regular Price
$99.00Sale Price