What's Epic?

Pandemic Silver Linings 

During the first few isolating months of the pandemic we decided that we needed to bring necessary healing to the community in form of 'socially distanced with health measures in overdrive' live concerts. This is how Epic Community Concerts were born. We had to be very maneuverable and sensitive to the ever changing factors like the weather and health restrictions in order to pull off these events. But we managed and the rewards were more than we could imagine! Learn more.

Our Mission: It stands for Educational Partnerships Immersive Concerts. We are a unique, non-profit music society. Our goal is to bring a high-caliber, fresh approach to the Colorado Springs music scene. We are combining classical music with other genres and art forms to produce a strong visual and interactive component to performances. We will NOT be another “stuffy” classical music series.

Our Vision: By involving national-level masters in collaboration with local stars and partnering with arts and educational institutions, EPIC brings out the best in innovative fine arts and propels our community to national prominence. Learn more.