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In partnership with Colorado Springs’ classical radio station KCME and others, we are expanding our existing “non-stuffy” school outreach music program to visit more schools, emphasizing under-served communities. We are doing this by providing school programs with the same local, national, and international music stars as part of our unique, intimate, six-concert chamber music series. This is part of our pledge to work hard to open minds and spark imaginations with the magic of the arts.

As emphasized by the first words of our organizational name (“Educational Partnerships …), we

have been active in school outreach since initiating operations two years ago, reaching over 200

local students through masterclasses and special concerts. We are now expanding this program following our past successes and the model we have for fall 2022. We are bringing guest artists to visit under-served schools and interact with students and faculty with our signature warm, intimate vibe. For fall 2022, we are already engaging national stars for school outreach.

Our bright EPIC Apprentices play a big part in the success of Epic Concerts.

Watch the video to see the amazing work of our apprentices. They work behind the scenes making sure that our concerts look and feel EPIC. 


It can be difficult to navigate the show biz world for a young musician or artist, having some real world experience and seeing what goes into real professional productions at a young age can be a valuable experience for the future. Lighting, projection, photography, video and audio recording and engineering - this is where you get to to shine as an EPIC apprentice. If you think you have what it takes, please reach out to us. Tell us why you think you would be good and give us a reference from an adult mentor, like your private music teacher or band director for example. We want to hear from you! 

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