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Dear Friends,


2020 has been a memorable year. While it may not be marked as a good year, nevertheless, at EPIC we are grateful for all the silver linings it has brought. We are thankful that it brought us appreciation for the important aspects of life, those things that identify humanity - love, kindness and sharing with those we care about. In the beginning of this pandemic, we took a risk with the belief that music has a great power to unite people for good. This, of course, would not be possible without you. You helped us bring to fruition something necessary during this time - innovative, fine, and LIVE music.

Our Accomplishments:


  • Birth of Company March 2020

  • 3 for 3 grants awarded

  • Over $15,000 raised as of October 2020 

  • Over 50 individual donors

  • 3 Live SOLD OUT socially distanced shows with safety measures

  • 1 world premiere, 1 appearance by a featured composer

  • We made good on our commitment to perform music by women and people of color

  • 10 top local musicians employed

  • $3250 paid to musicians

  • $1500 in support of a local arts venue, “Almagre”

  • Reached over 500 people on Social Media

  • Board was expanded from 3 original members to 5

  • Efficient accounting system has been set up 

  • Business and Strategic Plan are taking shape

  • 4 high school music students ("Epic apprentices”) have been recruited and have been learning how to work in professional concert productions.

Our Immediate Future Plans


  • 5 more monthly community concerts are in the budget for 2021.

  • We will continue to feature new music and promote music by women and people of color.

  • Pending pandemic regulations, infrastructure is in place to bring in Petteri Iivonen, principal violinist of the Paris National Opera as first Guest Artist.

  • Work of building a robust educational outreach network coming in the Spring of 2021 is underway. 

  • Work on securing more Grants and Corporate sponsorship is ongoing.

  • We are beginning talks with the fine arts center to collaborate on a project in 2021.

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