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EPIC Exceeds Year End Fundraising Goal.

EPIC was successful in securing the necessary funding to continue presenting world class chamber music concerts in Colorado Springs. The year end fundraising campaign enjoyed almost double the $7500 goal and ended in $14,735 raised. Here is the list of donors:

Daniel Bell

Lorraine Bell

Verlee and Doug Bishop

Al and Leigh Buettner

Scott and Katrina Calcagno

Susan Callahan

Kathleen Fox-Collins

Katharine Cornelius

Linda Dickson

Rebecca Dunlap

Edie Green and Alan Siegel

Chris and Larry Jones

Robert and Sue Lanting

Julie Matthews

Kara and John Mehall Family Fund

Christina McGarry

James and Carol Montgomery

Linda Northrop

Ronald Rankin

Cynthia Lynn Robinson

Marie Schrader

Sally Sharpe

Peter Stoller in honor of Alin and Boris Allakhverdyan

Sarah Stokes

Randi and Robert Swindler Jr. Charitable Fund

Maureen and Robert Taylor

Tiemens Foundation

James Van Hoy

Jeremy Van Hoy

Lynn Waite

Christina Wilson

"Huge Thanks to all EPIC supporters! We could not do it without you" - Sergei Vassiliev, artistic director.


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