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The Overlook Full Program Revealed

We can't wait until the next EPIC Concert at the Ent Center for the Arts! The Overlook String Quartet just revealed their full program (see below) for their Friday, February 16th, 7pm concert.

Born from a pandemic need for connection,

The Overlook String Quartet has evolved into a "breathtaking," community-building force redefining the "classical music canon" through outdoor performances, BIPOC & female composers, and collaborations that transcend traditional spaces and reach audiences far and wide, from Manhattan street corners to Lincoln Center and beyond.

Overlook Program for Epic, 2/16/24: “Out of the Dark” by Pauline Oliveros; “Warmth from Other Suns” by Carlos Simon; “Say” by Shelley Washington; “Juba” by Trevor Weston; “Judee Sill” by Shanan Estreicher; String Quartet #1 “Calvary” by Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson


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